Week 2: Artist Interview – Gianina Nunez

Gianina Nunez in front of her still-life art gallery, “Love Always,” at the Merlino Gallery on CSULB campus. She is a Senior here at CSULB and graduating soon.

Today is the first day I have visited an art gallery on campus and I can say that it was an awesome experience. I visited all four galleries and they were all unique in their own way, but the one that I was most intrigued by was Gianina Nunez’s gallery, Love Always. Her gallery today consisted of still-lifes. Each of the still-lifes contained little notes and letters that are significant to her.

The birthday card she received on her 13th birthday

The birthday card she received on her 13th birthday

She started keeping special notes, letters, cards, etc. ever since she was 13. On her 13th birthday she received a birthday card from one of her friends. It was a beautiful card and she could tell that it took a lot of time and effort to make. Similarly I also collect all the little notes, movie tickets, photos, etc. that remind me of the special moments, big or little, in my life. Gianina has recently started incorporating her letters into her art work. She was inspired by an artist she visited last year. In the artist’s gallery, Gianina saw a still-life of a note so she asked the artist was there any meaning behind that. Unfortunately there was none. However, this gave Gianina the idea to incorporate her letters as still-lifes and give the viewer a little piece of memory that is intimately meaningful in her life.

From left to right: 1. "Two Doves"  2. "First Encounter" 3.  "Cherish Friendship" 4. "A Friend in Need" 5. "A Mother's Love" 6. "Childhood" 7. "Grandma Payita Jewlery Box" 8. "Last Memory" 9. "The Beginnings" 10. "Daddy's Girl" 11. "This Was Handmade"

From left to right:
1. “Two Doves”
2. “First Encounter”
3. “Cherish Friendship”
4. “A Friend in Need”
5. “A Mother’s Love”
6. “Childhood”
7. “Grandma Payita Jewlery Box”
8. “Last Memory”
9. “The Beginnings”
10. “Daddy’s Girl”
11. “This Was Handmade”

In a way, her artwork is a tribute to those that have been a part of her life. Each one of her paintings represents the person whose letter is being displayed. Each one has its own emotion. Many included little items that also enhance the meanings behind her work. The painting that kind of caught my eye the most was “Last Memory.” I did not quite understand it at first until I read the title of painting. It had a picture of a young boy and a note saying something like “Draw me. Draw me.” At the top of the painting is a little skull and it had me wondering asking myself “what happened?” Unfortunately I did not get a picture of “Last Memory.”  I feel like I am able to connect to that piece because I have had loved ones pass away at a very young age and deep inside I was able to feel the emotion of her work.

This gallery is very different from what she normally does. She showed me a picture of one of her other works and it was very abstract. I would love to see more of her work in the future. This is the start of my journey in exploring art.


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