Week 3: Activity – Social Photography!

My Instagram for the day

My Instagram for the day

This weeks activity was posting on Instagram for the day. I don’t really use Instagram so I decided to make a new account instead of spamming my friends. The four pictures I took throughout the day were: 1) The SOA courtyard, 2) Yireh’s painting from the gallery, 3) The computer lab at school, and 4) An ice cream popsicle at the end of the day.

I thought the best way to start off my art activity was with Art 110! So that is why I took a photo of the SOA courtyard. The second photo is one of Yireh’s paintings. I noticed a lot of us posted photos from the art galleries as part of the Instagram activity. This isn’t really surprising because we were all at the galleries today and the art was really interesting! It was fun to see which art work appealed to each individual. I really enjoyed the simple painting of nature. Some liked more abstract paintings. My third photo was also on campus and it was of the computer lab at school. My last class of the day was held here and I also finished my first programming project of the semester. I thought it would be nice to remember my accomplishments today.

My last picture is of a “paleta” which is a milk based ice cream fruit bar. It was a late night dessert and a nice way to end the day. A lot of other people posted pictures of food which I guess is also pretty common. I actually saw Professor Zucman at the USU food court area taking a picture a few minutes or so before class. Overall most of us had a similar day filled with mostly school stuff, followed by food. I noticed some were a little more adventurous and went to the beach, exercised, or played sports. It was nice to see what our peers are doing but it also made me a little sad since I didn’t do much that day. Hopefully my days will be filled with more interesting things in the future.


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