Week 4: Classmate Interview – Alexx Dunk


This week Alexx came up to me and asked to have a conversation! She is a senior majoring in Biology here at CSULB. Alexx is in a Dental club and wants to be a Dentist in the future. Something really interesting she told me was that she likes to work with her hands and thinks that working on peoples teeth is like a form of art. It’s not every day you hear dentistry as an art!

Because she saw dentistry as an art I wondered if she did any art herself. Turns out she does! She like to draw some of the more eerie things in life like monsters, skeletons, etc. Also, her favorite thing to draw is an octopus because she likes how each of the tentacles can do something different so it can do 8 things at once. She also displays her art around her apartment.

Alexx was the first of all the people I have interviewed that noticed my Penny board. She also told me that she used to skate but one summer she broke her hand and has been traumatized since then. Hopefully the same doesn’t happen to me! I have yet to break a bone (knock on wood).

She is originally from San Diego but now lives around the area with her fiance, Jacob. They happily raise two guinea pigs together and I think one of their names is Jalapeno. An unique name for a unique creature. It’s pretty cool that they met in calculus here at Long Beach. I assume calculus was just a GE class she needed and because of that one class she met her fiance. Unfortunately I forgot to ask her how did Jacob propose. Maybe one day I’ll interview him and be able to find out!


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