Week 5: Activity – Kickstarter


I kind of always wanted to do something like a kick starter sometime in my life but never had any great ideas. The two categories that I browsed this week are: 1) Technology and 2) Games. These two appeal to me the most because I love to see new technology and to play games on my spare time.


The first project that grabbed my attention was the “Ako Dice.” This was under the games category and I believe it relates to any games that involve a die. The project is from Phuket, Thailand and has a goal of $5,000. However, with the help of 4,126 backers, it has surpassed that goal and reached $84,585 with still 9 more days to go. Who knew so many people would want a pair of dice! I like how they took something as simple as a die and reinvented it. It looks like a futuristic die. The post is simple and straightforward. It explained the concept of the AKO Dice and looks very professional.


On the other hand, I was not very impressed by “PASSOUT BEER PONG LEAGUE.” The project seemed very unorganized, vague, and unprofessional. To start off, the project is from Los Angeles, CA and wanted $100,000 funding. I have no idea why someone would need $100,000 for start a project that requires cups, ping pong balls, and beer. All of this can already be found at Wal-Mart or something. He isn’t reinventing anything or making something new. According to the post, the starter wants to make beer pong an Olympic sport. He does not tell us anything about how he plans to do it. Overall, it doesn’t seem like much if any effort at all was put into this. With only 17 hours left, I am not surprised that 0 people have funded this.


For the technology category, the “Prynt” case caught my eye instantly. Not too long ago I saw something similar to this while searching for an instant camera for my girlfriend as a Valentine’s gift. This project has an original goal of $50,000 but with the help of 7,052 people, it has raised $1,156,699. That alone is already impressive and there’s still 9 days left since this blog post. I know some people may think why would you need to have a physical picture when every thing is digital. There’s something to having a physical picture that makes it all the more valuable. It is easy to use. Simply plug and play. It is like having one of those Polaroids except now you don’t have to carry around a separate camera which can run anywhere from around $60-$200.


The second technology project is the “Snowstorm.” It is a device and app that uses the tablet’s camera to project what you’re doing on the surface. It started in Seattle, WA and with only 6 backers and $698, it has a long way to go to reach its goal of $20,000. However, with only 12 hours left, it seems highly unlikely. The idea is not a completely bad idea but judging from the video, it still needs major improvement until it can become a successful kickstarter. I also think that most people prefer to type on a physical keyboard than on a flat surface. I for one enjoy the feedback that a keyboard gives. It also allows my to know exactly where my keys are unlike a “projected” keyboard. Also I think that there will be too much delay for it to be accurate. Hopefully in the future it will be more improved.


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