Week 6: Activity – Yarn Bombing


My “yarn bomb,” on the left, may not be exciting as other people’s, on the right, but it’s something! I was originally going to cut up a grey t-shirt but thought this little tree would look better with a little more color. It kind of reminded me of wrapping boxing tape around my hand. Anyway I was inspired by a tree I saw on Thursday while I was interviewing Matt. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a tree wearing a tie-dyed shirt. Simple yet cool. I like how the tree splits into two branches and it goes through the sleeves perfectly. It would’ve been even better if it split into three and one went through the head hole.

At first I dreaded this project. I was thinking to myself “I don’t know how to knit. I am going to have to make a sweater for a tree? This is going to be so embarrassing.” But it turned out to be not that bad. Maybe because the tree was in my front yard but it’s a start. I feel like yarn bombing is considered more acceptable than graffiti. By acceptable I mean people would rather have someone yarn bomb than graffiti bomb. Spray paint is a lot harder to remove or cover than yarn. Last summer I went to a local park and actually saw a group of people yarn bombing trees. It was very interesting. It seemed like a little festival was going on. There were multiple people working together on one tree and it was really awesome to see it in person. Of course at the time I did not know what they were doing but now I do!



I visited the “Fiber floor” in FA-2 with a friend and saw some pretty cool things done with fiber. I was very impressed by these creations. I never would have thought of palm leaves as a fiber. It is awesome how people can make figures and what not out of leaves. I have always wanted to learn how to knit but never really got around to it. Maybe now I will some time to learn.


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