Week 7: Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse


We went from yarn bombing in one week to taking a picture of how we see ourselves dying the next. Imagining your own death is truly creepy. Normally people would rather not think about how they would die, or even take a photo of it. I feel like this activity could have been very uncomfortable for some students in Art 110. There are a lot of superstitious people out there. I myself am not that superstitious but the idea of my own death kind of put me off a little.

I decided to chose the most practical death. A car accident. I drive almost everyday to school, work, or just to get food. A lot of my time is spent behind the wheel. According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, accidents are the fourth leading cause of deaths in the United States (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/leading-causes-of-death.htm). I do tend to be a little reckless when I am driving too and someday that might come around and bite me in the behind. Hopefully nothing fatal actually happens to me (knock on wood).

More often than not, there is some kind of accident on the freeway. I have yet to get into one but was pretty close. One time I was driving home from school and just got onto the 405 south. A few minutes later the car right behind me got rear ended. So I was literally one car away from getting rear ended. I know a lot of people who have gotten into accidents, usually minor though. However, there are some that got heavily injured. A coworker of mine recently got into a car accident and she has been out of work for a few weeks now. So if I were to die from anything I think it would be a car accident.


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