Week 7: Artist Interview – Clare Samani


Before I visited the Paradox gallery, I had a different image in my head for silk screen printing and print making in general. Some of the prints were really good. I think most of the prints in the gallery were either silk screen, etching, or relief. Clare did mention that silk screen is the most common, but her favorites are either relief or etching. There are several other types of printmaking but we only went over a few.


Etching is when the artist carves the outline of their print into a piece of metal then let it soak in acid. The acid burns the carvings into the metal. Then the artist gets the ink and scraps it over the metal. This is so the ink gets pushed into the cuts. The excess is then wiped off but the carvings still have ink in them. Then paper is laid on top and rolled through a press. The ink from the cuts then gets transferred over to the paper and you have your print!

11063150_837713232942166_317853230_nRelief printing on the other hand is when the artist usually carves into a block of wood. Instead of carving what the artist wants to print, the artist carves what isn’t printed. Ink is then rolled over the surface and the surface gets printed onto the paper.


Not Clare. Another Artist doing a little ghost print


Clare took us on a tour around the printmaking rooms on campus. It was really interesting to see all the tools involved in printmaking. There were giant blocks of stone in which the artist craved their works on. There was a silk screen station but unfortunately we did not get to see it in action. We then went into a room where there were presses and someone was working on a little etching piece so we did get to see the press in action. The artist there was making a ghost print of one of her etchings. A ghost print is basically a second print of the same print. Usually the color is more faded and sometimes the ghost print turns out better than the original. So they said to always do a ghost print if possible. Overall it was cool to see the artists at work and the processes involved. CSULB offers Art 270 which covers the basics of printmaking which I heard was open to anyone.


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