Week 8: Activity – Remix Culture


This week’s activity was remix culture. Basically we could remix anything we wanted, images, music, words, plays, etc. What I did was a little mix on Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” Basically I went through the lyrics and tried to replace as many of the words as I can with emojis. See if you are able to match up the original lyrics with the emojis!

I was originally going to do a mash-up of Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” and Jason Mraz’s “I’m yours” since a while ago I was trying to learn how to play songs on the ukulele and those 2 songs sound pretty similar. However, I was scared that I was copyrighting stuff and decided to just remix some lyrics. I’m not a big fan of copyright laws and whatever because now a days everything is pretty much copyright protected and that makes it really hard to enjoy things. It also limits people a lot.

I would prefer it if there was more freedom with copyright. I think I chose the Attribution 4.0 license for my blog because I want people to be able to freely share it. I am also able to benefit from it because people will see my work. Less restricted copyright also allows consumers a better market price on things. With strict copyright laws, there will be less competition for the sellers and therefore they can set high prices. I’m not saying get rid of copyright altogether, I just want a little more freedom.


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