Week 8: Artist Interview – Laura Scattergood


Laura’s gallery was definitely different than all the other galleries I’ve visited.  I did not notice it at first but as I got deeper in, I noticed that there were guns and ammunition hidden in the gallery. She brought out the problems that have been recently occurring. Lately in the media, there have been stories about people getting into violence with others. These series of violence really disturbed her. She thinks the future will be revolving around individuals whereas before society was a group of people.


In the gallery, there are strings that center towards the main center of the gallery. In that center, there is a mirror made of ammunition, a couch with guns under the fabric, and more bullets under a rug. The rug represents how we tend to ignore these stories and just sweep them under the rug. Most of the time we really pay no mind to these things. The mirror is there so the viewer is able to kind of put themselves in the position and see how they are affected by the violence going around. The human paintings reference target practices at shooting ranges and show how it is common for people to act out and attack others.

Laura has always been interested in textile as a kid but never really knew it until later on. For future artworks, she plans to make environments which are familiar but surreal.


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