Week 8: Classmate Interview – Joseph Awadallah

20150219_111248Joseph is a really chill guy. He seems humble and the type of person to keep to himself. He is Palestinian but born and raised in the States. Joseph lives in Cypress and commutes to school. He is a first year and currently undeclared. He is still trying to find what he truly wants to do and doesn’t just want to pick a career path and regret it later. Joseph enjoys outdoors sports, more specifically, soccer.

He is a delivery person at Papa John’s and of course as a delivery person sometimes you have crazy stories so I asked him. He told me about this one time where he legitimately thought he was either dead or on drugs. Of course he wan’t on drugs for real. So anyway, he was delivering 2 pizzas to this mobile home house that had a lot of adults in it. Probably on the older side. He came up to the door and saw it was a screen door so he said “pizza delivery” in a loud enough voice so that everyone could hear but no one responded. Then he started getting a weird feeling like something was off so he waited for a couple minutes. At some point, one guy even made eye contact with him but then went on doing whatever. So Joseph went back to his car, sat there for a while and out of no where, a lady comes out and says “oh pizza’s here.” And that’s the end of that. I myself got some goosebumps while listening to his story.

Joseph has another story where his pizza got stolen. Hopefully you’ll get to have a chat with him and hear the other story!


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