Week 9: Classmate Interview – Hung Trinh

11007557_844390825607740_1716037526_n (1)

On Thursday, I found another person that lives close to me. Hung Trinh lives in Westminster, CA. Hung went to Westminster High School and is now a second year at CSULB studying Health Care. He came in undeclared and thought he wanted to do Economics, but after a few classes he realized that Economics wasn’t for him. He enjoys activities such as basketball, swimming, and fishing.

Right now, Hung works as a receptionist at a hair salon in Newport Beach. He makes bank compared to what I make at McDonald’s… Maybe I should look for a new job. Hung used to at a Jack-In-The-Box for like 3 days or so but quit because he said it was too hot and he can’t deal with it. And he isn’t lying. I saw Hung coming towards the courtyard and he started off by saying how hot it was on Thursday. He does like to go to raves and stuff of that sort. I never been to one but I imagine it would be hot since there’s a lot of movement and people. I wonder how he deals with that. He was going to go to Beyond: Wonderland this weekend but his boss didn’t give him the weekend off. This is unfortunate because he had already bought the tickets. Hopefully he was able to sell it to someone.

Hung told me a story about one of his fishing experiences. Well it didn’t really happen to Hung but rather his friend. So one time his friend was fishing when there were some seals around and he caught a fish. One seal not only stole his friend’s fish but also dragged the rod down too. So Hung advised me if I do go fishing, I should stay away from the seals. Last summer I actually went fishing once and there were like 2 seals around but I didn’t catch anything so that sucked but I would definitely want to try again some day.


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