Week 9: Activity – Adopt a Building


There are three separate activities in this week’s activity. The first part is to draw a cognitive map of the campus. The second is the adopt a building on campus. Last but not least is to redesign the campus. So the picture above is my cognitive map of the campus. It mostly shows the buildings that I have classes in and the path I take on a daily basis. I start by walking from the parking lot near the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (Gym) to my first class of the day in the VEC. Then afterwards I go to my Lab lecture in the ECS across the bridge.

Afterwards I would go to Art which is either in the UT or SOA courtyard. After Art I usually eat my lunch. Sometimes I have lunch before Art but for the sake of simplicity, I drew the path so I have lunch after. My lunch is usually at the Beachhut because they have a microwave there and also utensils! If I forget to bring my own lunch then I go to the USU to buy some. Usually I am there to hang out with friends in between classes anyway. From the USU, I go to the CBA building for my Political Science lecture. Finally, I go back to the VEC for my last class of the day and then I go home.


The second part of this activity is to adopt a building. I decided to adopt the ECS because that’s where I like to spend my time on campus. And I think it’s the main computer lab on campus too. If any of you have been to the ECS lately and used its elevators then you’ve probably noticed that it is really slow. It used to be faster but there was an accident involving the elevators so they slowed it down. The ECS also connects to the VEC and ENGR building. The VEC’s elevators are a lot faster. The ECS building itself was constructed around 1987. There were some minor flaws in the building that allowed water to leak through. However, in 2009 they water proofed the exterior and fixed some of the gaps. I still wish they would make the elevators faster.


The last part of the activity is to redesign the campus. My plan was to have a giant conveyor belt taking students from the bottom of the dreaded stairs to the top. You all know what stairs I am talking about, the one with like 1000 steps. Anyway, I thought of this because I go up and down those stairs everyday I am at school and it is such a long way to go from the ECS all the way to the UT. One side would go up and one side would go down. This idea is kind of like the conveyor belts in airports. This would make life so much easier and I think everyone would appreciate this.


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