Week 10: Classmate Interview – Zach Kim


Zach’s full name is actually Zachary! He is from Fullerton and commutes to CSULB. He did apply to CSUF and got in but picked CSULB because he’s currently majoring in film. I say currently because he is still kind of iffy on his career choice. He is not 100% sure he wants to do film but chose it because he considers himself kind of an artistic person and enjoys film. His second choice would be an actuary because his mom recommended it. Before this interview I did not know what an actuary was but I guess I learn something new everyday.

Zach wasn’t lying when he said he considered himself an artistic person. He enjoys playing the guitar, piano, and singing. Sometimes he would bust out the old legos and let his creativity flow. And other times he would just like to draw. I mentioned I collected gundams during our interview and Zach said he used to have one back in the day but couldn’t remember what the model was called.

On his spare time he also likes to watch anime. His preference is anime based on every day life, not so much of the fantasy and action kind of stuff. He did recommend an anime to me, Gurren Lagaan. It is set in the future and humans are living underground. There are humanoids, aliens, and beastmen all in that anime. It’s a short 27 episodes series. I know what I’ll be watching over spring break!


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