Week 10: Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl


One Nation Under God

When I saw Dawn Ertl’s gallery, I was really surprised by all the yarn hanging around and how delicate her work was. Dawn Ertl requested that everyone leave their bags at the front entrance so we as viewers don’t bump into her her work with our backpacks or bags. Her first piece (“One Nation Under God”) I saw when i entered was like looking at a jungle. Everything was made up of yarn, strawberry crates, straws, and plastic bags. Her use of plastic bags brings attention to all the pollution and bad we have put into the environment. Most of the time people don’t really think about all the damage that is being done.

This reminds me of the California ban on plastic bags issue. It was supposed to go into effect this summer but recently got held. The American Progressive Bag Alliance got enough people to sign a petition to overturn the ban on plastic bags. So there will be a referendum to overturn the ban on the November 2016 ballot. To be honest, I think we definitely use more plastic bags than necessary and the ban wouldn’t be such a bad idea to reduce our pollution.


Short Term Long Term Relationships

The next major gallery piece is called “Short Term Long Term Relationships” which is about the weather. The weather really changes a lot and in certain areas of her work, you can see how the weaving is different. There is some disruption in the weather patterns. Her work reminds me of California. Lately, California has been having very weird weather patterns. One day it’s blazing hot and the next it’s raining. Winter was a very weird season. Hopefully spring will be better.


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