Week 11: Classmate Interview – Guillermo Vargas


Guillermo is a first year at CSULB studying Mechanical Engineering. He commutes from his home in Compton, CA. Guillermo lives a pretty active lifestyle. Right now he is trying to gain some weight and build up his body at the gym. On his spare time he likes to hang out with his friends. Since he is an active guy, he likes sports such as soccer and basketball. He also loves watching baseball because he grew up around it. He is definitely the first person I know that loves watching baseball. 

Guillermo is also the first person I interviewed that works in the fast food industry! He works at In-N-Out which is tastes way better and is much cheaper than McDonald’s. I would totally trade my McDonald’s job for In-N-Out. I have been getting tired of my fries lately, too. In-N-Out isn’t his first job though. He used to work in a warehouse and only started In-N-Out about 2 months ago.

As for music taste, Guillermo listens to pretty much anything that sounds good. His favorite genre, however, is rap because he likes the combination of lyrics and beats. Some of his favorite artists include Nas, Biggie, Kayne, and The Weeknd. He’s been The Weeknd’s concerts and several music festivals. I haven’t ever been to a concert but hope someday I can go to one or maybe even a music festival. Guillermo actually went to Coachella this weekend and plans to go to EDC this summer. I think it’s awesome that he got to go to Coachella. I saw their live stream on YouTube and saw a ton of people. It looked super packed.

His favorite type of food is rubs but will eat pretty much anything that’s good. A random question he asked me was what would I do if I suddenly won $1,000,000 dollars. You can read my answer in his post (https://guillervaar.wordpress.com/). Then I asked him what would he do. First thing he said was buy a nice house, within the budget of course. Then with the extra money he would buy a car and travel. Some locations include Norway, China, Iceland, and the Pacific Islands because he really enjoys nature. My interview with Guillermo was one of my better ones.


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