Week 12: Activity – Algorithmic Art

11117805_858386294208193_1471112617_nThis is the last activity of the semester! This week’s activity is algorithmic art which is pretty much just art created by a set of rules or instructions. So my set of instructions will allow one to produce soft paper! For this activity you’ll only need a piece of paper. I used standard 20lb printer paper.


1. Get a piece of paper

2. Crumple piece of paper

3. Carefully uncrumple the paper so it doesn’t rip

4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you get a soft and kind of fluffy paper

5. Enjoy

Crumpling the paper

Crumpling the paper

Uncrumpling the paper

Uncrumpling the paper

Final result!

Final result!

So I wanted to do something simple and not too complicated. I was originally going to do like a paper boomerang or some other origami since they follow a set of instructions but I realized it’ll be toolong. Instead I went with a simple idea of soft paper. I think people would be surprised of how soft the paper can get. I was mind blown the first time I felt it. It’s nothing too serious, just something to play around with. If you do decide to try this, I hope you enjoy the paper!


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