Week 12: Artist Interview – Katherine Cox


I’ve been wanting to do ceramics for a while now but have yet to get a chance. So seeing how there was a ceramic gallery, I of course had to check it out. Each and every one of Cox’s work is very unique. If you look closely, you can see a story that is carved into the pots. The stories come from her own personal experiences. Most of which I am sure we can all relate to or at least understand.


You might notice that some of the ceramic vessels have unique shapes such as tear drops. To Cox, the shape “symbolizes all cycles within nature which create growth, re-growth, change and reflection after events.” The shapes really compliment the events and stories carved into the vessels. One of her works has a carving of a girl looking into a mirror and sees herself as overweight so she ends up throwing up her food and tries to get skinnier. This one reminded me of the time I learned about eating disorders in my health class. Magazines and these super models nowadays have such an “ideal body” that people – adults and children – have the wrong idea of what they should look like and thus causing unnatural and unhealthy eating habits. It makes me sad because I have some loved ones that they themselves think they are “unhealthy” but that’s not true at all.

Another piece that caught my attention had a carving of 2 people on it. There are some parts that I don’t quite get but overall it seems to tell a story of 2 people falling in love, and then there’s some domestic violence. Again I may be wrong but if it is what I think it is then it’s another problem some of us can relate to. A guy once came to my high school and gave a presentation about domestic violence. His mom had this boyfriend that would abuse her every time he gets drunk. So one day, the guy went to his uncle’s house to tell his uncle about what’s happening. His uncle then goes to beat up the boyfriend because he cares for his sister and nephew. Afterwards, his mom calls the police but it wasn’t to take the boyfriend away, it was to report the uncle for beating up the boyfriend. Out of fear, the mom not only turned in her brother but also stayed with the boyfriend. Domestic violence is more common than we think. However, people are usually too afraid to do anything about it. It also can happen to men. So if you know someone that needs help, help them. If I remember correctly, this piece was called “Anne” and i may have misinterpreted the meaning but to me, that’s what I thought when I saw “Anne.”

I really enjoyed Cox’s exhibit. I felt like I was able to understand and connect to her work.





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