Week 12: Classmate Interview – J Perez

11119972_858256067554549_1136212040_nThis week I ran into a familiar face! I remember J from my Physics 151 Lab from last Spring semester. J’s first name is just one letter. I thought this was really unique because I always thought it was “Jay” instead. He is a 3rd year and is majoring in Computer Engineering. J is a local Long Beach resident and lives about 2 blocks from CSULB. Living pretty close to school is pretty convenient because you save a lot of gas from commuting and a lot of money because you don’t have to dorm. However, some people want to get away from home but if that was the case they should just go to a school far away. J also works on campus as a technician for the 49ers shop. Although he is employed by the school, he doesn’t get employee parking. Would’ve been awesome if he did though.

J is married and his wife is actually in the same Art 110 class. They both wanted to take a class together but since she is a business major, they can pretty much only take GE classes. So here they are now in Art 110. Some interesting fact was J used to skateboard back in high school and he has never broken a bone from it. Although his first time going down a bowl (empty pool kind of thing), he fell, bumped his head, and blacked out for like 10 minutes. This was when he first started skating though so he got better over time. It was nice getting to know J. It’s not everyday you meet someone with a one letter name!


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