Week 13: Artist Interview – Shihori Nakayama


Recapturing the Moment. 

Check out Shihori Nakayama’s website at http://shihoriart.com/

I was so amazed by how detailed Nakayama’s art was. Normally I would prefer the simpler things but I really enjoyed Nakayama’s gallery. You’d think that with so many things going on in her print that you’d be easily distracted or find it hard to focus but that is not the case. Her drawings aren’t like a “Where’s Waldo?” kind of thing, where only one little part of the picture is important, but every little detail of Nakayama’s drawings is important. Her art work is based off of her personal life, hence the name Recapturing the Moment. She is “interested in trying to create a world that engages viewers to look closely into all the details and be lost in that moment.” And honestly that is exactly what happened when I was looking at her art work. I came in and closely examined her art and got caught up in the moment.

11173476_861461427234013_1511341409_nNakayama uses photographs as the basis for her drawings and she adds in some of her imagination. Her drawings contain people and places that are important to her. Her drawings and prints were inspired by the “search-and-find” activities in children’s books. She really welcomes the viewer into her world. It might look clustered and confusing from afar but if you get close, everything becomes clearer. 11185639_861480207232135_1445709441_n 11149121_861461443900678_589713882_n

At the beginning of the semester, when our professor asked the class “What is art?” Most of us responded with something along the lines of “art is expression” which is exactly what Nakayama uses art for. Her art is like her voice and she is telling her side of the story.


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