Week 13: Classmate interview – Soojin Kim

11164111_861461393900683_400497631_n Soojin Kim is a friend of my friend, Prem. From my interview, I found out that she went to the same high school as Prem, Cerritos High School. However, Soojin is a year younger than Prem and me since she is only a first year here at CSULB. She played water polo and did swim back in high school. Sometimes she still goes back to practice with the team. She is also a member of the water polo club here on campus. Another sport she plays is golf. Her parents really enjoy it and want her to play gold with them but she doesn’t like it as much as they do.

Soojin’s current major is Business but she plans to change to something medical related. I thought this was a very interesting transition so I asked her why she is changing. She told me that she thought about studying Accounting because most of her friends were doing it and since she was undeclared she thought it would be a good idea. Soojin always had a passion to do something medical related but did not know what specifically she wanted to do. Hopefully she will find her calling soon.

She loves ice cream. More specifically her favorite place is the Ice Cream Lab in Beverly Hills. She would drive tens of miles just to go get ice cream there! Unlike traditional ice cream, they use liquid nitrogen to freeze the cream and make ice cream. Her favorite flavor is the blue velvet. If I am ever in the area, I will be sure to try it out.


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