Week 15: Artist Interview – Ashley Roland


This week was different from all the other weeks. All the galleries had art work from numerous artists. It was nice to see all the creative minds in the School of Art. My favorite artist at the showing was Ashley Roland. Her art consisted of fantasy creatures like dragons. Who doesn’t love dragons?! They are awesome flying, fire breathing, and powerful creatures. I have always had a liking for dragons ever since I was a little kid. Imagine being able to tame a dragon like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. You’ll save so much gas money because now you can fly everywhere. You can fight off bad people and do all the good stuff. But it’s probably harder than it sounds. 

Roland not only likes to draw characters but also create a background stories for them. She hopes to one day work in visual development of fantasy video games. The moment I saw her drawings, I immediately thought “video games” so she will be perfect for that field. I am also thinking about being a video game developer so it’s cool to see what makes a video game. You can’t have a game with just programmers. You need artists, developers, etc. Maybe I will be working with Roland one day.


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