Week 15: Classmate Interview – Prem Muni

11210202_866762930037196_501629864_nPrem is a Computer Science major like me. He is a second year at CSULB and I actually have him in some of my classes. I remember I had CECS 100 and Math 323 with Prem our first semester here. We didn’t really talk to each other much though but now we’ve gotten closer these past 2 years. I’ll be seeing Prem in my upper division courses so it’s nice to have him as a good friend.

One thing that surprised me is that Prem is a vegetarian. I only know one other vegetarian and she goes the CSULB too. Sometimes I would ask him what does he eat for lunch? Because I absolutely hate salads and assume that a vegetarian is very limited on choices. He eats Subway, pizza, Chipotle, and other popular stuff but just without the meat. I can’t imagine it. He said he pays the same for Chipotle with or without meat which sucks because he’s getting less for the same price. I guess it’s normal for him because his whole family is vegetarian.

Right now we have 277 together which is Java class and our professor is really tough so we all work together and help each other out to get the projects done. It was a fun working with my classmates and hopefully I’ll be working together with Prem in my future classes.


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