Week 11: Artist Interview – Patricia E. Rangel



How often do you see art work made of dirt? Patricia Rangel’s gallery was the first time I have ever seen artwork made from dirt. I didn’t really notice it then but now as I am writing this blog post, I remembered the sand castle I made at the beach the other week. Well I guess Rangel’s gallery is still the first time I have seen art with dirt because sand and dirt are two different things. Don’t be deceived by the cracks. The dirt is actually harder than one may expect.

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Week 11: Classmate Interview – Guillermo Vargas


Guillermo is a first year at CSULB studying Mechanical Engineering. He commutes from his home in Compton, CA. Guillermo lives a pretty active lifestyle. Right now he is trying to gain some weight and build up his body at the gym. On his spare time he likes to hang out with his friends. Since he is an active guy, he likes sports such as soccer and basketball. He also loves watching baseball because he grew up around it. He is definitely the first person I know that loves watching baseball.  Continue reading

Week 10: Artist Interview – Dawn Ertl


One Nation Under God

When I saw Dawn Ertl’s gallery, I was really surprised by all the yarn hanging around and how delicate her work was. Dawn Ertl requested that everyone leave their bags at the front entrance so we as viewers don’t bump into her her work with our backpacks or bags. Her first piece (“One Nation Under God”) I saw when i entered was like looking at a jungle. Everything was made up of yarn, strawberry crates, straws, and plastic bags. Her use of plastic bags brings attention to all the pollution and bad we have put into the environment. Most of the time people don’t really think about all the damage that is being done.

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Week 10: Activity – Student Choice


So this week, we had the option to come up with our own art activity. I took this opportunity to have an excuse to go to the beach and build a sand castle! Also it is spring break and it has been pretty hot lately so a visit to the beach was needed. I took my siblings and girlfriend with me and we all built a nice little castle. I honestly did not expect it to turn out the way it did. This castle by far is the best castle I have ever built. It was a fun experience for all of us! Continue reading

Week 10: Classmate Interview – Zach Kim


Zach’s full name is actually Zachary! He is from Fullerton and commutes to CSULB. He did apply to CSUF and got in but picked CSULB because he’s currently majoring in film. I say currently because he is still kind of iffy on his career choice. He is not 100% sure he wants to do film but chose it because he considers himself kind of an artistic person and enjoys film. His second choice would be an actuary because his mom recommended it. Before this interview I did not know what an actuary was but I guess I learn something new everyday.

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Week 9: Activity – Adopt a Building


There are three separate activities in this week’s activity. The first part is to draw a cognitive map of the campus. The second is the adopt a building on campus. Last but not least is to redesign the campus. So the picture above is my cognitive map of the campus. It mostly shows the buildings that I have classes in and the path I take on a daily basis. I start by walking from the parking lot near the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (Gym) to my first class of the day in the VEC. Then afterwards I go to my Lab lecture in the ECS across the bridge.

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Week 9: Classmate Interview – Hung Trinh

11007557_844390825607740_1716037526_n (1)

On Thursday, I found another person that lives close to me. Hung Trinh lives in Westminster, CA. Hung went to Westminster High School and is now a second year at CSULB studying Health Care. He came in undeclared and thought he wanted to do Economics, but after a few classes he realized that Economics wasn’t for him. He enjoys activities such as basketball, swimming, and fishing. Continue reading